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Guitarist - Composer - Teacher

As for Adam Moore's guitar playing, it is simply outstanding and his compositions demonstrate an elegant sensibility that invites multiple listens... In short, this fine young striving jazz rocker is not only producing great fusion... he takes you to even greater heights with music that can really soar! (Jazz-Rock.com)

Adam Moore’s current release, "After School Guitar Club" is one of the most compelling and alluring acoustic guitar recordings heard in recent years... a sonic masterpiece and should be required listening for all aficionados of acoustic music. (Minor7th.com)

Aside from the blazing rock, he's not above throwing in some esoterica, such as the spoken word piece "Rope Trick", the swirling chord-clouds in "Eve And After", or his freely improvised acoustic tune "Rare Shimmer". "The Lotus Heart" has a thoroughly modern sound, in the Vai tradition, treating the guitar fan to some wildly exotic licks. Moore has certainly laid a good foundation here for a career in instrumental music. (Guitar9.com)

The penultimate track is The Knot Garden. Here a mix of odd time signatures, fretless bass, synth and soaring lead lines combine to produce a memorable, multi-layered sound over which Adam plays some quite stunning lead. (dofret.co.uk)

Adam creates uplifting music that sounds absolutely fresh and non-contrived […] there’s a sense of balance and direction throughout both CD’s which gives his playing more than a frisson of genuine greatness. (Shred Reviews)

Equally adept at riff-laden hard rock and gentle mood levellers, Adam is a writer/guitarist who will certainly appeal to the AOR fans who yearn for something of genuine lasting value. (Musician Magazine)