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Guitarist - Composer - Teacher

Americana Yoga Music - My relaxation project
Alex Best - Fantastic UK-based drummer
David Gilmour - Pink Floyd's David Gilmour, you may have heard of him...
3A-Audio - Brother Matt Moore excellent audio services company
Dan Veall - Splendid UK-based bass player
Tiago Coimbra - Superb UK-based bass player
DGMLive! and Guitar Craft - Two sources of Robert Fripp's life-changing music
Chad Wackerman - Best drummer ever? Quite possibly
Freak Guitar - Mattias Ia Eklundh's homepage, very probably the best guitarist ever
Joe Ringer Band - As close as I get to a day job
Amit Chaudhuri - Extraordinary North Indian Classical vocalist and bandleader
Divisions - My brother Matt's art rock band
Nina Baker - UK singer/songwriter
Matt Hodges - Great UK-based jazz band leader and all round nice guy
Church & State - Beautiful little ambient improvisation project with my brother Matt
Hermin Abramovitch - Exceptional photographer
Steve Vai - The master, but you know that...
The Tonal Centre - In-depth music theory site
Physiyoga - Rosie's Physiotherapy and Yoga site
Richard Fay Guitars - The fine chap who swirled my blue and white Strat
Xhefri's Guitars - The Fender Strat Plus oracle
Electric Campfire - Mike Outram's excellent tuition project
Tim Miller - Exceptional modern Jazz guitar player and educator
Ant Law - Monster UK jazz and experimental guitar player