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Guitarist - Composer - Teacher
Adam's Original Music Can be Found on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and CDBaby

Glimpse of the Flowing River (Album) (2018)

Uppingham Down
Dreaming My Last Imaginary Guitar Solo
The Luck Dragon
Le'ts Work in Retail
Empress in the Begining
Lo's Orchard
We One Are Two
Rain on the Skylight
Neil Skeletor's Song
The Knot Garden
Eve and After

Dreaming My Last Imaginary Guitar Solo (Single) (2017)

Americana Yoga Music (EP) (2017)

To Breathe
To Move
To Flow
To Be

Swung By Seraphim (EP) (2015)

The Theatre Garden (feat. Chad Wackerman)
As a Pendulum Swings Through Smoke
Swung By Seraphim (feat. Chad Wackerman & Mattias IA Eklundh)